Take the opportunity to partner with Global Funding Experts and experience fantastic returns. We offer a variety of partnership programs with different selective preferences. We work hard with all our partners and only look to benefit and grow our partner entities. 

For more info, send an email to or call 1-877-253-7686

This is a highly selective program that includes businesses that have been helping Main Street access capital for at least one year and have been funding at least 5+ short term working capital loans per month.


If you currently provide equipment leases, SBA loans, credit card advances or other types of short-term financing, your chances of being accepted into the program are higher than companies that do not.


As part of this program, accepted partners will manage the application and funding process directly with the business owner through an online partner portal. 

Distribution Partnerships 

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program allows internet publishers to earn by sending qualified traffic to our website. The program offers high payouts, along with personalized service, and custom creative tools. If you have a website or blog and would like to earn money by referring visitors to our website, please sign up for our affiliate program. 

Platform Solutions

Your Bank or SMB-SP Can Create More Satisfied Customers and Increase Revenues
Provides Partners a Turn-key Solution and Great Customer Experience for Offering Working Capital Loans

Merchant Referral Program

Members of the Merchant Referral Program can refer leads via a simple online form and will receive a commission on the loans that fund. The sales process will be handled internally by Global Funding Expert representatives and we will let you know which leads are successfully funded. 
We can generally fund approved businesses in less than 48 hours and never skip commission on renewals