What Do We Do?

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy and at Global Funding Experts (GFE), we realize that these business owners often find it difficult to obtain financing when opportunities or challenges arise.


As a recognized leader in the Alternative Funding Industry and a direct funder of Merchant Cash Advances, whether we are working with a business directly or through our strategic partners, it is our mission to incorporate you in each step of the funding process to assure that our services fit your needs.


At GFE, we promise to keep the best interests of our clients at the center of the financing process by operating with transparency, fairness, and integrity. GFE utilizes our proprietary CRM to secure the application submission process and to provide rapid turnaround and funding for qualified applicants.

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Leadership Team

Our professional team of experts provides guidance through the financing process. Our entrepreneurial experience allows us to evaluate your business, thus helping you to understand the responsible use of working capital while we help your business to grow.

GFE Executive Management:

Boris Musheyev

Founder & CEO

Since founding GFE in 2014, Boris has served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, having responsibility for managing a portfolio that has grown to over $150M in productive assets, while building the company’s brand. GFE is now established as respected name in the merchant funding industry. This success results from an infectious work ethos and a passion for ensuring that each GFE client is served with integrity, respect for the merchant’s business, and fairness in the funding. Moreover, GFE has established industry setting standards for the conduct of the Independent Sales Organizations and Brokers which it gives the opportunity to represent GFE funds. Like GFE’s clients these intermediaries are treated with professionalism in GFE’s quest to serve the merchants so introduced. Prior to founding GFE, Boris had a successful career in management in the real estate and service industry sectors, which allowed him to hone the executive skills he has brought to GFE, insuring its growth and success.

Viacheslav Eliyayev


Since co-founding GFE in 2014, Viacheslav (Steve) has had responsibility for building, training, and managing a geographically dispersed array of teams that support GFE’s end-to-end workflow from client acquisition, through underwriting, funding, account management and, as required, collection. Those efforts continue as GFE develops new markets and products. These teams receive, review, and underwrite hundreds of funding applications per day, making underwriting decisions within hours, and if approved; thereafter, have collective responsibility for funding and managing aspects of over $150M in productive assets in concert with their sister teams. A prior career with U.S. and foreign financial institutions, servicing small and medium-cap clients, allowed Steve to develop the considerable skill sets he has deployed at GFE; resulting in process efficiencies and product innovations that have set GFE apart from its competition as an industry leader.

Boris Shakhmurov


As Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of GFE, Boris is responsible for driving company-wide operations, cyber-security, information security, and underwriting program deployment. Boris has over twenty years of cybersecurity and operational executive experience, having previously served in these roles as an Executive Director for JP Morgan Chase (JPMC). Prior to his executive experience at JPMC, he developed his encompassing skill set in global leadership roles at Royal Bank of Scotland, Citigroup, and Deutsche Bank. This experience has allowed Boris to drive critical improvements in process control and security; setting the stage for GFE’s continued growth.

Jonathan Mayer


Jonathan as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has more than sixteen years of professional experience serving the financial services sector. Jonathan developed his skill set through thirteen years in public accounting at leading firms such as Ernst & Young, LLP, and Grant Thornton, LLP. The focus of his public career centered upon on private equity, hedge and venture capital firms, as well as asset management start-ups, with a specialty in credit analysis. Prior to joining GFE, Jonathan was the CFO of a multi-strategy private investment fund.

Boris Khanales


Boris is a twenty-year technology veteran having served in various development, deployment, and consulting positions in the financial services sector. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of GFE, he has responsibility for information systems development and integrity; in addition to his role in reviewing technologies meant to keep GFE at the forefront of its industry. Most prominently, prior to joining GFE, Boris held senior technology positions in Fintech, with responsibility for designing, developing, and supporting real-time portfolio reporting, risk management, and related regulatory solutions for global financial institutions.

Alla Shirokova

Credit Committee

Since 2018, Alla has served as a key component of GFE’s Credit Committee, with responsibility for management of all aspects of the GFE underwriting processes. These duties include financial analysis, risk assessments, and pricing analysis. Prior to joining GFE, Alla served in senior management roles in the banking industry, with responsibility for general bank management, relationship banking, and bank accounting supervision. Alla has over eleven years of experience in financial and accounting management in the financial services sector, holding FINRA Series 6, 64, and New York State Life Insurance Certifications.

Samin Masnun

Final Underwriting Manager

Samin as GFE’s Final Underwriting Manager, coalesces the component parts of the underwriting team’s analysis for final funding and pricing decisions. Samin has over seven years of underwriting experience in the commercial and merchant cash advance funding industries. Under Samin’s leadership, the underwriting team is responsible for performing the final evaluation of every funding contract, pre and post-funding, to ensure that each conforms to GFE’s established underwriting guidelines.

Rafi Zaman

Account Manager

Rafi has over seven years of account management experience in the merchant cash advance funding industry. As GFE’s Account Manager, Rafi is responsible for managing a multifaceted customer account and accounts’ receivable management process. Under Rafi’s leadership, his teams have played a vital role in establishing, maintaining, and building strategic partnerships between merchants and GFE. Moreover, Rafi’s dedicated service-centric leadership has enhanced the merchant client experience, while achieving brand loyalty.
GFE Operations:

Aleksandr Shlepin


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Alla Shirokova


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Samin Masnun


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Rafi Zaman


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When Should You Apply?

Obtain Working Capital to Help You:

Secure Your Business:

When you feel there is a risk of declining sales, we will arrange business financing for you to:

Grow Your Business:

Whether it's your next project or you've been presented with an unexpected opportunity, we have a financing product to help you to:

Manage Your Business:

When you find yourself in need of funding for day-to-day operations, we have the fast, simple financing you need to:

General Requirements:

Find out how our clients use our fast and simple services to expand and grow their businesses:

“Global Funding Experts have always been there for me. I have turned to them several times for working capital to remodel my Beauty Salon. They work very fast, it's a way to accelerate our dreams. I am not worried about the problems that occur because I know that I can count on Global Funding Experts.”

“The process with Global Funding Experts was faster than I expected, they sent me an email with the application, I filled it out and sent it, the next day Ana called me, and the process started, I had the money in my account two days later. I feel very grateful!”

“After covid, I thought I was out of options, that all was lost for the business I have had for over ten years. Fortunately, I found Global Funding Experts. They have excellent customer service. They explained the process to me, and I was able to recover from one of the most difficult financial crises of my life.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Global Funding Experts is a professional alternative funding source from that offered by traditional banks. GFE provides funding through a fast, simple process that meets small business owner’s needs. GFE is committed to funding businesses in a streamlined, stress-free manner.

Click on APPLY NOW to complete the application form and: (i) our team will determine the funding for which you qualify, (ii) make and discuss an offer, and (iii) send funds by wire, once contracts are signed and stipulations are resolved.

The biggest difference is the speed and ease of our application and funding process. We strive to provide you a decision in a matter of hours rather than weeks. Further, if you are approved before 17:00 CT, funds will be available the next business day.

The underwriting process can take up to 2 hours, depending on your qualifications.

Once approved, the process is fast and simple. Your funds are transferred directly into your business’s bank account within hours – no more than 1 business day.

Our minimum requirements are $15,000 in deposits per month; 500 FICO score; at least 6 months in business and no previous defaults, judgements or open bankruptcies.

We do not sell or share your data. Our highly trained professional team controls the collection and processing of your sensitive confidential information. Ensuring the security of our applicants’ data is critical to our mission.

Yes. Funding can be paid off ahead of time without any additional fees or pre-payment penalties. We may even offer an additional discount for early prepayment.

Merchants looking for additional capital or to consolidate multiple cash advance positions into one lower daily payment. Click on APPLY NOW to complete the application form.